The macro- and megabenthic fauna on the continental shelf of the eastern Amundsen Sea, Antarctica

In 2008 the BIOPEARL II expedition on board of RRS James Clark Ross sailed to the eastern Amundsen Sea Embayment and Pine Island Bay, one of the least studied Antarctic continental shelf regions due to its remoteness and ice cover. A total of 37 Agassiz trawls were deployed at depth transects along the continental and trough slopes. A total of 5,469 specimens, belonging to 32 higher taxonomic groups and more than 270 species, were collected. Species richness per station varied from 1–55. The benthic assemblages were dominated by echinoderms and clearly different to those in the Ross, Scotia and Weddell seas. Here we present the macro- and megafaunal assemblage structure, its species richness and the presence of several undescribed species.


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Authors: Linse, Katrin ORCIDORCID record for Katrin Linse, Griffiths, Huw J ORCIDORCID record for Huw J Griffiths, Barnes, Dave KA ORCIDORCID record for Dave KA Barnes, Brandt, Angelika, Davey, Niki, David, Bruno, De Grave, Sammy, d'Udekem d'Acoz, Cédric, Eléaume, Marc, Glover, Adrian G., Hemery, Lenaïg G., Mah, Christopher, Martín-Ledo, Rafael, Munilla, Tomás, O'Loughlin, Mark, Pierrat, Benjamin, Saucède, Thomas, Sands, Chester J ORCIDORCID record for Chester J Sands, Strugnell, Jan M, Enderlein, Peter

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1 October, 2013
Continental Shelf Research / 68
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