Seabed topography under the southern and western Ronne Ice Shelf, derived from seismic surveys

Seismic reflection measurements of ice thickness and water-column thickness have been made over the southern and western Ronne Ice Shelf, from which, the seabed elevation has been determined. A 2300 km traverse, covering an area over which little bathymetric data previously existed and at a station interval of 15 km, resulted in 152 new measurements of the seabed elevation. The seismic velocity in the ice shelf was determined using shallow refraction surveys for the snow and firn in the upper 100 m of the ice shelf, and by applying a model assuming a simple temperature profile for the deeper ice. Surface elevations were calculated assuming the ice to be in hydrostatic equilibrium. The estimated error in the seabed elevations is ±15 m. With the addition of the new data there is now complete coverage of the seabed elevation and water-column thickness for Ronne Ice Shelf at a spatial resolution of between 10–100 km. The seabed in the area to the south of Korff and Henry ice rises and the Doake Ice Rumples is about 100 m shallower than had previously been speculated, which will affect the validity of previous assumptions of water circulation and ice-ocean interaction in this area.


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Authors: Johnson, M.R., Smith, A.M. ORCIDORCID record for A.M. Smith

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1 June, 1997
Antarctic Science / 9
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