RRS Sir David Attenborough – November 2020 Science Users’ Workshop Report

Executive Summary

In November 2020, 198 delegates attended a three-day science-users’ workshop to discuss the science and operation of the new polar research ship RRS Sir David Attenborough (SDA).  Held online via Zoom, a series of plenary presentations and breakout sessions focussed on the ship’s science capability, ‘into service’ planning, future opportunities and challenges.

The key aims were to introduce delegates to the scientific capabilities of the new polar research ship, highlight the differences from the RRS James Clark Ross and stimulate and capture big science ideas.  Participants were challenged to think about what needs to be done differently to optimise the ship’s multidisciplinary capability and operational role, and to consider how to bring about culture change to promote and enhance equality, diversity and inclusion.

Plenary session video recordings are available to view on the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) web site: https://www.British Antarctic Survey.ac.uk/attenborough-workshop (password: penguins2020). To enable free discussion breakout sessions were not recorded on video.  Key outcomes and notes from rapporteurs, chairs and workshop organisers are summarised in this report.

Post workshop note: the into-service timeline was changed because of COVID-19 disruption.

Report authors: Linda Capper, Ray Leakey, Sophie Fielding, Rob Larter, Emily Neville


On this site: Linda Capper, Sophie Fielding, Robert Larter, Emily Neville
17 March, 2021