Radio-echo investigations of Ronne Ice Shelf

Since 1981, the British Antarctic Survey has flown 27 000 line kilometres over Ronne Ice Shelf, during which radio-echo ice thicknesses were recorded. An earlier map of ice thickness was compiled from about 5000 km of flight lines flown by three different organisations over a period of 12 years A new, detailed map of the thickness of Ronne Ice Shelf has been produced, which agrees with the earlier version, but shows more structure in the north-western part. In particular, major ice streams maintain their idenity from sources such as Evans and Rutford ice streams all the way to the ice front. Regions where the ice shelf is locally grounded over Kershaw Ice Rumples and over more extensive ice rumples between Korff and Henry ice rises play a significant role in controlling the dynamics of the ice shelf. There is a possibility of extensive freezing-on of sea water under the thin, central section of Ronne Ice Shelf, although the radio-echo evidence for a thick layer of saline ice is ambiguous.


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Authors: Crabtree, R.D., Doake, C.S.M.

1 January, 1986
Annals of Glaciology / 8
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