Photogrammetry as a research tool for glaciology

Using a multidisciplinary project studying surging glaciers in Svalbard as a reference, this paper examines some of the ways in which photogrammetry can be used as a research tool by glaciologists. Photogrammetric compilations of two of the glaciers under study were produced from 1990 aerial photography. Photogrammetry was regarded primarily as a source of digital elevation models in this project, rather than as a cartographic tool. Problems encountered in applying photogrammetry to the arctic terrain are considered and a methodology devised to ameliorate these problems by maximizing the available data is described. The results of the photogrammetric work are presented and difficulties in quantifying the accuracy of the photogrammetric data are examined. Examples of the ways in which the photogrammetrically derived digital data have been used for glaciological analysis and visualization are discussed.


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Authors: Fox, A. J. ORCIDORCID record for A. J. Fox, Nuttall, A. M.

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1 April, 1997
The Photogrammetric Record / 15
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