New aerogeophysical survey targets the extent of the West Antarctic Rift System over Ellsworth Land

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is currently undergoing rapid change in particular over the Amundsen Sea Embayment (ASE). Previous aerogeophysical investigations over the Ross Sea Embayment reveal that the underlying geology may modulate ice sheet dynamics and hence stability. But what are the interplays between sub-ice geology and the apparently thinning and retreating glaciers of the ASE region? We will present new aerogeophysical data to provide a window on the “lithospheric cradle” for this part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, thereby contributing towards studying the largest glaciated continental rift system on Earth, the West Antarctic Rift System.


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Authors: Ferraccioli, Fausto ORCIDORCID record for Fausto Ferraccioli, Jordan, Tom A. ORCIDORCID record for Tom A. Jordan, Vaughan, David G. ORCIDORCID record for David G. Vaughan, Holt, J., James, M., Corr, Hugh, Blankenship, D.D., Fairhead, J.D., Diehl, T.M.

Editors: Cooper, A.K., Raymond, C.R.

On this site: David Vaughan, Fausto Ferraccioli, Hugh Corr, Tom Jordan
1 January, 2007
In: Cooper, A.K., Raymond, C.R. (eds.). Antarctica: a keystone in a changing world. Online proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences, Santa Barbara, California, August 26 - September 1, 2007, National Academy Press, 4 pp.