High resolution boundary conditions of an old ice target near Dome C, Antarctica

A high resolution (1 km line spacing) aerogeophysical survey was conducted over a region near the East Antarctic Ice Sheet's Dome C that may hold a 1.5 million year old climate record. New ice thickness data derived from an airborne coherent radar sounder was combined with unpublished data that was unavailable for earlier compilations. We find under the primary candidate region elevated rough topography, near a number of subglacial lakes, but also regions of smoother bed. The high resolution of this ice thickness dataset also allows us to explore the nature of ice thickness uncertainties in the context of radar geometry and processing.


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Authors: Young, Duncan A., Roberts, Jason L., Ritz, Catherine, Frezzotti, Massimo, Quartini, Enrica, Cavitte, Marie G.P., Tozer, Carly R., Steinhage, Daniel, Urbini, Stefano, Corr, Hugh F.J., Van Ommen, Tas, Blankenship, Donald D.

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14 August, 2017
The Cryosphere / 11
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