Formation of RADARSAT backscatter feature and undulating firn stratigraphy at an ice-stream margin

On RADARSAT imagery, the southern margin of the onset zone of Bindschadler Ice Stream, West Antarctica, manifests a multi-banded feature, with brightness varying across the bands and oscillating along each band. Ground-based radar profiles across the margin reveal folds in the firn stratigraphy associated with this pattern and provide evidence for correlation between the depth of shallow isochrones and the RADARSAT backscatter intensity on each profile, allowing us to interpret the banded feature for firn-layer geometry in three dimensions. We use a kinematic model of isochrone depth evolution to show how layer folding and the band expression may result from deformation and advection in the near-surface flow field at ice-stream margins, even with steady flow. The model predicts the formation of longitudinally patterned bands when the ice-stream acceleration fluctuates along flow. Concerted study of the planform and stratigraphy of other RADARSAT-detected features on the ice sheets may help us understand their origin.


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Authors: NG, Felix, King, Edward C. ORCIDORCID record for Edward C. King

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1 October, 2013
Annals of Glaciology / 54
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