Dielectric stratigraphy of ice: A new technique for determining total ionic concentrations in polar ice cores

A 133 m deep Antarctic ice core from Dolleman Island, Antarctic Peninsula, has been profiled by dielectric measurements in the AF‐LF (20 Hz ‐ 100 kHz) frequency range. This has revealed large variations in dielectric relaxation and conductivity down the core. A comparison with the chemical stratigraphy along 45 m of the core demonstrates for the first time the decisive role played by acids and salts in determining the electrical behaviour of natural ice. The total ionic concentration along the ice core can be deduced from the dielectric response. This technique may be applied rapidly in the field and, as it requires no contact between ice core and electrodes, the core is maintained in pristine condition for later chemical analysis.


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Authors: Moore, J.C., Mulvaney, Robert ORCIDORCID record for Robert Mulvaney, Paren, J.G.

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1 October, 1989
Geophysical Research Letters / 16
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