Comparison of Holocene electrical records from Dome C and Vostok, Antarctica

As part of the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica, a new deep ice core is being drilled at Dome C. Two electrical methods have been used on the core drilled so far: a new design of electrical conductivity method (ECM) instrument, and a traditional dielectric profiler. The two profiles are very similar in both peaks and background, consistent with acidity being the dominant influence on both in this part of the record. The Dome C records have been compared to ECM records from Vostok, and a tentative match has been made between them. This suggests a long-term average ratio of accumulation rate of 1.36 between this Dome C core and Vostok, and that the Dome C core analyzed so far (to 358 m) probably includes the very end of the Glacial–Holocene transition.


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Authors: Wolff, Eric, Basile, Isabelle, Petit, Jean-Robert, Schwander, Jakob

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1 January, 1999
Annals of Glaciology / 29
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