Collembola of sub-Antarctic South Georgia

Qualitative samples of Collembola were obtained from a range of substrates near Husvik, Stromness Bay, South Georgia, between January anti March 1996. Collections made at Hope Point near Grytviken (Cumberland East Bay) in 1980/1982 and 1997 were also examined. Fifteen species of Collembola were recorded around Husvik; most were widely distributed. Two of these, Friesia sp. nov, and Cryptopygus badasa, represent additions to the previously recognised fauna of 17 species. A new record of an introduced species, Hypogastrura purpurescens, was identified in collections from Hope Point in 1980/1982, bringing the total South Georgian fauna to 20 species. A key to South Georgian Collembola is included. H. purpurescens and the congeneric Hypogastrura viatica, both cosmopolitan invasive species, have also been recognised on other sub-Antarctic islands and have displaced resident species from some habitats. Their presence on South Georgia, and the dominance of H. viatica in some habitats, highlight the importance of strict quarantine measures to avoid the introduction of further alien invertebrates.


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Authors: Convey, P. ORCIDORCID record for P. Convey, Greenslade, P., Arnold, R.J., Block, W.

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1 January, 1999
Polar Biology / 22