Application of the dielectric profiling technique to ice core studies

The dielectric profiling (DEP) technique is described and some of the differences between it and standard electrical tools used in ice core analysis are discussed. The results of DEP analysis on two cores from different regions of Antarctica, Dolleman Island and Mizuho Station are described. DEP measurements on the Dolleman core are related to the chemical composition of the core, showing that DEP can provide a high accuracy measure of total ionic content of the ice. The measurements on the Mizuho core are compared with earlier dielectric measurements on the same core which show dramatic changes over the 15 year period between the measurements. A mechanism which can explain the changes and other effects noted from d. c. conductivity (ECM) experiments, is suggested. The mechanism is based on the theory of d. c. conduction via liquid acid veins at triple junctions in the ice


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Authors: Moore, J.C., Maeno, N.

1 January, 1991
Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Polar Meteorology / 4