Anions and cations in ice cores from Dolleman Island and the Palmer Land plateau, Antarctic Peninsula

High-resolution anion profiles of Cl-, NO3- and SO4 2− are presented for two cores from the Antarctic Peninsula. A 47.2 m core from a site on the Palmer Land plateau (74°01’S, 70°38’W), spans the period 1942–80, and a 10.5 m core from Dolleman Island (70°35.2’S, 60°55.5’W), on the east coast of the peninsula, spans the period 1973–85. The seasonal pattern of deposition of these species has been determined by reference to the oxygen-isotope composition. Averaged over 38 years, the annual cycle of SO4 2− at Gomez shows a seasonal maximum during the austral summer, and minimum during the winter, whereas the Cl- cycle is more complex and may show the influence of equinoctial storms. The Dolleman core is significantly influenced by the proximity of the Weddell Sea, with a mean Cl- concentration five times greater than in the core from the plateau, and it shows a clear seasonal maximum in late-summer snowfall. There is no significant long-term trend in the 38 years’ data from the plateau site, suggesting that global pollution does not contribute significantly to the anion budget. Both anions and the cations Na+, K+ and H+ have been measured for more than a complete year of snowfall and the balance of ionic species is excellent.


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Authors: Mulvaney, Robert ORCIDORCID record for Robert Mulvaney, Peel, David A.

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1 January, 1988
Annals of Glaciology / 10
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