A year long comparison of GPS TEC and global ionosphere-thermosphere models

The prevalence of GPS total electron content (TEC) observations has provided an opportunity for extensive global ionosphere‐thermosphere model validation efforts. This study presents a year‐long data‐model comparison using the Global Ionosphere‐Thermosphere Model (GITM) and the Thermosphere‐Ionosphere‐Electrodynamics General Circulation Model (TIE‐GCM). For the entire year of 2010, each model was run and compared to GPS TEC observations. The results were binned according to season, latitude, local time, and magnetic local time. GITM was found to overestimate the TEC everywhere, except on the midlatitude nightside, due to high O/N2 ratios. TIE‐GCM produced much less TEC and had lower O/N2 ratios and neutral wind speeds. Seasonal and regional biases in the models are discussed along with ideas for model improvements and further validation efforts.


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Authors: Perlongo, N.J., Ridley, A.J., Cnossen, I. ORCIDORCID record for I. Cnossen

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1 February, 2018
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics / 123
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