A ground-based radar for measuring vertical strain rates and time-varying basal melt rates in ice sheets and shelves

The ApRES (autonomous phase-sensitive radio-echo sounder) instrument is a robust, lightweight and relatively inexpensive radar that has been designed to allow long-term, unattended monitoring of ice-shelf and ice-sheet thinning. We describe the instrument and demonstrate its capabilities and limitations by presenting results from three trial campaigns conducted in different Antarctic settings. Two campaigns were ice sheet-based – Pine Island Glacier and Dome C – and one was conducted on the Ross Ice Shelf. The ice-shelf site demonstrates the ability of the instrument to collect a time series of basal melt rates; the two grounded ice applications show the potential to recover profiles of vertical strain rate and also demonstrate some of the limitations of the present system.


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Authors: Nicholls, Keith W., Corr, Hugh F.J., Stewart, Craig L., Lok, Lai Bun, Brennan, Paul V., Vaughan, David G.

On this site: David Vaughan, Hugh Corr, Keith Nicholls
1 November, 2015
Journal of Glaciology / 61
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