1000 year ice-core records from Berkner Island, Antarctica

Two medium-depth ice cores were retrieved from Berkner Island by a joint project between the Alfred-Wegener-Institut and the British Antarctic Survey in the 1994/95 field season. A151mdeep core from the northern dome (Reinwarthho«he) of Berkner Island spans 700 years, while a 181m deep core from the southern dome (Thyssenho«he)spans approximately 1200 years. Both cores display clear seasonal cycles in electrical conductivity measurements, allowing dating by annual-layer counting and the calculation of accumulation profiles. Stable-isotope measurements (both d18O and dD), together with the accumulation data, allow us to estimate changes in climate for most of the past millennium: the data show multi-decadal variability around a generally stable long-term mean. In addition, a full suite of major chemistry measurements is available to define the history of aerosol deposition at these sites: again, there is little evidence that the chemistry of the sites has changed over the past six centuries. Finally, we suggest that the southern dome, with an ice thickness of 950m, is an ideal site from which to gain a climate history of the late stages of the last glacial and the deglaciation for comparison with the records from the deep Antarctic ice cores, and with other intermediate-depth cores such as Taylor Dome and Siple Dome.


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Authors: Mulvaney, Robert ORCIDORCID record for Robert Mulvaney, Oerter, Hans, Peel, David A., Graf, Wolfgang, Arrowsmith, Carol, Pasteur, Elizabeth C., Knight, Bruce, Littot, Geneviève C., Miners, William D.

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1 January, 2002
Annals of Glaciology / 35
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