Sky-Blu Field Station, Eastern Ellsworth Land

Lat. 74°50'59"S, Long. 71°34'0"W
February 1995 to present (summer only)

Sky-Blu has rapidly assumed a position of vital importance in support of BAS deep-field operations, because it can be used by Dash-7 aircraft. The greater freight capacity of the Dash-7 has provided fuel/load cost benefits in the support of deep-field parties, which were earlier undertaken exclusively by wheel-ski Twin Otter aircraft.

The groomed blue ice runway is up to 1.2km in length and 50 metres wide, permanently marked by flags.

The year-round main camp supports the runway, located 500 metres south-west of the runway apron. It comprises a ‘melon’ hut together with a number of tents, garage, food depot, radio aerial and toilet.


Sky-Blu is an area of blue ice situated close to Sky-Hi Nunataks suitable for use as an ice runway for wheeled aircraft.


Sky-Blu was first located by BAS in 1993–94. It became fully operational as a logistics facility in 1997–98 when an earlier high-latitude depot at Sky-Hi Nunataks was de-commissioned.

New field season begins

29 November, 2016

As spring returns to the southern hemisphere British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has started another research season which will take them over land, sea and ice in search of answers to …