Rothera medical facility, Rothera Point, Adelaide Island

Lat. 67°34'8"S, Long. 68°7'29"W
Summer: 2, Winter: 1

Rothera Research Station has a fully equipped medical surgery. In summer there are two doctors onsite; during winter there is one.

Antarctic staff undertake specialised First Aid training, designed to support people in the field, on ship or on our research stations. First Aid training continues during Antarctic deployment, and a few BAS personnel will extend their skills at a course run in Plymouth to provide advanced first aid, either to assist our doctors, or for deep field operations.

The British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit

The British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit (BASMU) is based in Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The unit provides doctors at Rothera, Halley and South Georgia, and on the ships while they are in the polar regions. These doctors have undergone special training to enable them to provide healthcare in difficult situations.

BASMU permanent staff includes Emergency Medicine Consultants with a special interest in remote medicine, experienced nursing sisters, and a manager with extensive Antarctic experience. There are experts, throughout the specialities in the trust, ready to give advice and support to doctors at research stations and to managers at BAS Cambridge.

The unit works in partnership with the Diving Diseases Research Centre (adjacent tothe hospital), South Western Ambulance Service, and the Peninsula Medical and Dental School ensures that all aspects of healthcare expertise are immediately available.
Within the Emergency Department of Derriford Hospital, the Trust’s main centre, are highly trained and motivated doctors who provide 24 hour emergency support for our doctors in Antarctica.

Solitude and Survival in the South

27 April, 2021 by James Bowyer

Doctor James Bowyer has just returned to the UK after providing medical cover for Rothera Research Station staff from 2019 – 2021. James shares his experiences of life and work …