Arctic Station laboratory

Working in the Arctic Station laboratory.

During the early part of the 2019 season, the Station laboratory underwent a major upgrade. This multipurpose facility comprises four separate laboratory spaces:

  • Large main laboratory with wide benching and double sink. Suitable for use as laboratory or electronics workshop
  • Annex chemical laboratory with recirculating fume hood, Class II biological safety cabinet and oven
  • Wet laboratory with ultra-pure water system, sink and benching
  • Dry laboratory with benching, balances and microscopes
  • As well as associated office space and store of general laboratory consumables

The laboratory equipment available for sample preparation, preservation and basic analysis now includes:

  • Spark free laboratory fridges and chest freezers
  • Balances (2 d.p. and 4 d.p.)
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Oven and vacuum concentrator
  • Microscopes (multiple light field, including blue light)
  • BioSpectrometer (200-830nm; with μCuvette)
  • pH meter
  • Centrifuges, heat block mixer and vortex (for 1.5ml, 15ml & 50ml tubes)
  • Autoclave, steriliser, and microwave
  • Web ports available in the laboratory

 Further information is available from the Station pages on the Arctic Station pages on the Arctic Office website.

Person looking through microscope in laboratory
Arctic Station microscopes
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Iain Rudkin

Arctic Operations Manager

BAS-Arctic Working Group

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Guy Hillyard

Biological Sciences Lab Suite Manager

BAS-Arctic Working Group

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Elaine Fitzcharles

Snr Lab Mgr and Micro Molecular Lab Suite Mgr

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