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Utility vehicles

A number of utility vehicles supply transportation around Rothera Research Station. Commonly known as ‘gators’ these vehicles can carry small cargo loads and two people.

The new Gator Plough for runway clearing, outside the melon hut day accommodation, with the Hauberg Mountains in the background.
The Gator Plough for snow clearing, outside a melon hut. Gator vehicles are primeraly used as general work horses around Rothera Station

Their four-wheel drive enables the vehicle to be used for a large proportion of the year. The Gator is a general-use vehicle and after initial training can be used by all station personnel.

Two gators are also used in rotation at Sky-Blu Research Station. Again they are used for cargo and personnel movements and are also fitted with a small snow plough. The Sky-Blu gators are also fitted with a cab and tracks to make the machine more comfortable and increase traction.