Understanding the evolution of the Scotia Arc

An international 3-day meeting in which participants discussed geodynamic and multidisciplinary topics related to the evolution of the Scotia Arc was held at the Andalucía Institute of Earth Sciences (Spanish Research Council (CSIC)/University of Granada (UGR)) in Granada, Spain. The Scotia Arc encompasses southern South America, the Antarctic Peninsula, and the intervening part of the Southern Ocean including the South Georgia and South Orkney crustal blocks and the volcanically active South Sandwich Arc. It is a region of critical importance because of its role as a developing ocean gateway during Eocene-Miocene times and because of its impact on global ocean circulation, with possible importance for Paleogene-Neogene paleoenvironmental change, early phases of development of Antarctic ice sheets, gene flow, and resulting biodiversity.


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Authors: Maldonado, Andrés, Dalziel, Ian, Leat, Philip T.

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30 July, 2013
Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union / 94
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