Two and three component direction-finding computations on whistlers using the Matched Filtering and Parameter Estimation method

A detailed frequency analysis of the azimuthal bearing of ground-observed whistlers by the modified MFPE method (Lichtenberger et al., 1987) based on two and three component digital recordings is presented. Theoretical model calculations by Strangeways (1980) and Strangeways and Rycroft (1980) on systematic azimuthal bearing errors of direction-finding systems are confirmed. Further, directionfinding systems (based on three measured components that do not suffer from polarization error) have no advantage in practice, and are inferior to simple crossed-loop goniometer systems. The MFPE method simulating the latter can be used as a tool for investigating whistler ducts and hence plasmaspheric drifts. An example of this is presented.


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Authors: Lichtenberger, J., Tarcsai, Gy., Hamar, D., Smith, A.J., Yearby, K.H.

1 June, 1997
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics / 59
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