Transcriptomic analysis of shell repair and biomineralization in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis.

Biomineralization by molluscs involves regulated deposition of calcium carbonate crystals within a protein framework to produce complex biocomposite structures. Effective biomineralization is a key trait for aquaculture, and animal resilience under future climate change. While many enzymes and structural proteins have been identified from the shell and in mantle tissue, understanding biomieralization is impeded by a lack of fundamental knowledge of the genes and pathways involved. In adult bivalves, shells are secreted by the mantle tissue during growth, maintenance and repair, with the repair process, in particular, amenable to experimental dissection at the transcriptomic level in individual animals.


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Authors: Yarra, Tejaswi, Ramesh, Kirti, Blaxter, Mark, Hüning, Anne, Melzner, Frank, Clark, Melody S. ORCIDORCID record for Melody S. Clark

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10 June, 2021
BMC Genomics / 22
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