The UK contribution to observations of Comet Halley

The work of organizations in the UK to observe Comet Halley is reviewed. The activities of the Comet Halley UK Coordinating Committee are discussed. Results from space probes are summarized, including Giotto Johnstone Plasma Analyzer, the Giotto Particulate Impact Analyzer, the Halley Multicolor Camera, and the International Cometary Explorer. In addition, the results are presented from astrometry, IR spectroscopy, radiometry, photometry, polarimetry, radio studies, observations of large-scale phenomena, near nucleus studies, and coordinated amateur observations. Future programs in cometary science are considered, including space missions, remote observations, and the Comet Nucleus Sample Return mission.


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Authors: Williams, I.P., Green, S.F., Andrews, P.J., Cowley, S.W.H., Hendrie, M.J., Hughes, D.W., Johnstone, A.D., McDonnell, J.A.M., Shanklin, Jonathan D., Wallis, M.K., Zarnecki, J.C.

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1 January, 1989
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society / 30