The SOOS Asian Workshop: Exploring possibilities for collaboration

The first Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Asian Workshop was successfully held in Shanghai, China in May 2013, attracting over 40 participants from six Asian nations and widening exposure to the objectives and plans of SOOS. The workshop was organized to clarify Asian research activities currently taking place in the Southern Ocean and to discuss, amongst other items, the potential for collaborative avenues in the Asian domain of SOOS beyond current established efforts. Here we present some of the major outcomes of the workshop covering the principle themes of SOOS and attempt to provide a way forward to achieve a more integrated research community, enhance data collection and quality, and guide scientific strategy in the Southern Ocean.


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Authors: Swart, Sebastian, Liu, Jiping, Bhaskar, Parli, Newman, Louise, Finney, Kim, Meredith, Michael ORCIDORCID record for Michael Meredith, Schofield, Oscar

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1 June, 2014
Advances in Polar Science / 25
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