The Roland von Glasow Air-Sea-Ice Chamber (RvG-ASIC): an experimental facility for studying ocean–sea-ice–atmosphere interactions

Sea ice is difficult, expensive, and potentially dangerous to observe in nature. The remoteness of the Arctic and Southern Oceans complicates sampling logistics, while the heterogeneous nature of sea ice and rapidly changing environmental conditions present challenges for conducting process studies. Here, we describe the Roland von Glasow Air-Sea-Ice Chamber (RvG-ASIC), a laboratory facility designed to reproduce polar processes and overcome some of these challenges. The RvG-ASIC is an open-topped 3.5 m3 glass tank housed in a coldroom (temperature range: −55 to +30 °C). The RvG-ASIC is equipped with a wide suite of instruments for ocean, sea ice, and atmospheric measurements, as well as visible and UV lighting. The infrastructure, available instruments, and typical experimental protocols are described.


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Authors: Thomas, Max, France, James ORCIDORCID record for James France, Crabeck, Odile, Hall, Benjamin, Hof, Verena, Notz, Dirk, Rampai, Tokoloho, Riemenschneider, Leif, Tooth, Oliver, Tranter, Mathilde, Kaiser, Jan

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5 March, 2021
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques / 14
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