The redevelopment of Rothera Research Station

The British Antarctic Survey(BAS) is implementing a phased approach to completely redevelop Rothera Research Station, with the first phase currently work in progress. BAS operates five major research stations and a number of field huts where it facilitates and conducts a broad range of globally significant research. Rothera research station has been functioning since 1975 to support and carry out scientific research. The station has been developed over the years with the addition of various buildings spread out over a wide area. The existing facilities are a mixture of ageing structures, which have been significantly modified over time and are no longer fit for purpose. There is a need for a phased approach to redevelop the station infrastructure. Development of the facilities will consider the current functional needs of the base as well as infrastructure to support future science needs.


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Authors: Fielder, Patrick, Ingham, Dave

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1 January, 2007