The population dynamics of Notothenia rossii from South Georgia (Antarctica)

The population dynamics of nearshore juvenile Notothenia rossii were studied at South Georgia during 1978 and 1979. Mortality of the population was calculated from length-class abundance of fish sampled by trammel nets, and the population size estimated using a mark and recapture technique. Instantaneous natural mortality in the nearshore population was high (M=0.78) although other author's estimate for the mortality in the offshore population was only 0.35. Therefore it is likely that no single estimate of mortality will apply to fish of all ages. The population density of juvenile N. rossii was about 11 g m-2 nearshore. The size of the offshore population was estimated by calculating survival from the nearshore age classes. The data suggest that the population around South Georgia has been reduced by overfishing to about one tenth of its previous unexploited level. Yield could have been increased by fishing less intensively, and the population maintained at or near its initial level if recruitment remained constant.


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Authors: Burchett, M. S., Ricketts, C.

1 January, 1984
Polar Biology / 3
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