The physical properties of quartz-micaschist and their application to freeze-thaw weathering studies in the maritime antarctic

As part of a study on freeze‐thaw weathering in the maritime Antarctic an investigation was made of the physical properties of the local rock. Tests were made of point‐load compressive strength, Schmidt hammer in situ rock strength, moisture content, indentor resistance and the size range of weathering products. The resulting data were used to consider the form of freeze‐thaw weathering operative in the field and its relationship to laboratory simulations. A distinct difference between ‘massive rock’ and ‘intact rock’ is observed in the field. It is suggested that future studies should generate a greater database pertaining to rock properties as it is an invaluable aid in the study of mechanical weathering


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Authors: Hall, Kevin

1 March, 1987
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms / 12
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