The osmotic and ionic regulation of Branchinecta gaini Daday

The anostracan crustacean, Branchinecta gaini, has been recorded from freshwater lakes and pools in many places in the Antarctic and from the southern tip of South America. On Signy Island, in the South Orkneys group, the animal occurs in two rather different types of habitat. It is found in large, relatively deep lakes and also in small, shallow pools on a rocky headland. The latter are occasionally influenced by salt spray from the sea. The seasonal chemical changes in one of the large lakes and the ecology of Branchinecta and other crustaceans in it have been studied in detail by Heywood (1967). A similar study on the smaller pools has been made by Goodman (unpublished).


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Authors: Ralph, R.

1 January, 1967
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences / 252
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