The Labrador Sea Deep Convection Experiment data collection

[1] Between 1996 and 1998, a concerted effort was made to study the deep open ocean convection in the Labrador Sea. Both in situ observations and numerical models were employed with close collaboration between the researchers in the fields of physical oceanography, boundary layer meteorology, and climate. A multitude of different methods were used to observe the state of ocean and atmosphere and determine the exchange between them over the experiment's period. The Labrador Sea Deep Convection Experiment data collection aims to assemble the observational data sets in order to facilitate the exchange and collaboration between the various projects and new projects for an overall synthesis. A common file format and a browsable inventory have been used so as to simplify the access to the data.


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Authors: Krahmann, G., Visbeck, M., Smethie, W., D'Asaro, Eric A., Rhines, Peter B., Clarke, R. Allyn, Lazier, John, Davis, Russ E., Niiler, Pearn P., Guest, Peter S., Meincke, Jens, Moore, G.W. Kent, Pickart, Robert S., Owens, W. Brechner, Prater, Mark D., Renfrew, Ian A., Schott, Friedrich A

1 January, 2003
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems / 4
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