The important but mysterious Antarctic krill

Antarctic krill are very important animals. They are well-known as the food of ocean giants such as blue whales, but they also feed many other animals and help to slow climate change by keeping millions of tons of carbon out of the air. Antarctic krill grow no longer than a human thumb, but together they weigh more than any other wild animal species. Although Antarctic krill live only in the cold waters of the Southern Ocean, they can live anywhere from sunlit surface waters to the darkest depths, from near the coast and under sea ice to ice-free waters far from land. In this article, we explore how their huge population and ability to live in diverse conditions make Antarctic krill important for other animals, people, and the world. We also introduce some key mysteries, such as what will happen to these animals as the climate continues to change.


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29 June, 2023
Frontiers for Young Minds / 11
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