The Euphausia superba transcriptome database, SuperbaSE: An online, open resource for researchers

Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) is a crucial component of the Southern Ocean ecosystem, acting as the major link between primary production and higher trophic levels with an annual predator demand of up to 470 million tonnes. It also acts as an ecosystem engineer, affecting carbon sequestration and recycling iron and nitrogen, and has increasing importance as a commercial product in the aquaculture and health industries. Here we describe the creation of a de novo assembled head transcriptome for E. superba. As an example of its potential as a molecular resource, we relate its exploitation in identifying and characterizing numerous genes related to the circadian clock in E. superba, including the major components of the central feedback loop. We have made the transcriptome openly accessible for a wider audience of ecologists, molecular biologists, evolutionary geneticists, and others in a user-friendly format at SuperbaSE, hosted at


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Authors: Hunt, Benjamin J., Özkaya, Özge, Davies, Nathaniel J., Gaten, Edward, Seear, Paul, Kyriacou, Charalambos P., Tarling, Geraint ORCIDORCID record for Geraint Tarling, Rosato, Ezio

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1 August, 2017
Ecology and Evolution / 7
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