The effect of disturbed-time electric fields on the inner plasmasphere

Results from a mathematical model provide a description of the mid-latitude, low L-shell ionosphere and plasmasphere. Variations in the composition and dynamics of the plasmasphere and changes in the nature of the coupling between the plasmasphere and the ionosphere are studied for moderately disturbed conditions. Modelled results are compared to group delay and Doppler shift measurements of whistler mode signals at Faraday, Antarctica (Lapprox2.5), to investigate the effects of disturbed time electric fields on the inner plasmasphere and ionosphere. The disturbed time electric field causes a rapid outward drifting of the plasma leading to a decrease in modelled plasmaspheric electron density at a fixed L-value, which agrees with experimental observations. During the periods of outward drift, the modelled coupling flux is upwards to the plasmasphere which can lead to a significant depletion of NmF2 values.


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Authors: Balmforth, H. F., Moffett, R. J., Smith, A. J., Bailey, G. J.

1 January, 1994
Annales Geophysicae / 12
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