The early development of Pygoscelis adeliae(Adélie penguin) up to the formation of the neural tube

The early embryonic development of Pygoscelis adeliae, up to the stage with fused neutral folds, was investigated by means of serial sections and compared with the development of the chick (Gallus domesticus). The total incubation time in the penguin is about 35 days, compared with about 20 days in the chick (Herbert 1967). This superior rate of development in the chick is likewise recognized in the early period of development; for fusion of neural folds is achieved 45–49 hours after laying in the chick and 6–7 1/2 days incubation in the penguin. Furthermore the time of origin and shape of the neural tube, notochord and heart show recognizable differences in the two genera.


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Authors: Herbert, C.

1 January, 1969
Acta Zoologica / 50
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