The Antarctic Regional GPS Network Densification: Status and Results

We report on the activities related to the IAG Subcommission 1.3f “Regional Reference Frame for Antarctica”. Campaign-style GPS observations have been carried out since 1995. Based on the Bernese GNSS Software the latest analysis yields results for about 30 stations aligned to the terrestrial reference frame solution IGS08. The obtained station motions are discussed in the context of plate kinematics and glacial-isostatic adjustment. It is demonstrated that the activities are a valuable contribution both to the ITRF densification in Antarctica and to geodynamic research


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Authors: Matveev, Alexey J., Milinevsky, Gennadi, Schenke, Hans-Werner, Shibuya, Kazuo, Sjöberg, Lars E., Zakrajsek, Andrés, Fritsche, Mathias, Rülke, Axel, Dietrich, Reinhard, Groh, Andreas, Knöfel, Christoph, Scheinert, Mirko, Capra, Alessandro, Cisak, Jan, Dongchen, E., Eiken, Trond, Fox, Adrian ORCIDORCID record for Adrian Fox, Hothem, Larry D., Johnston, Gary, Malaimani, E. C.

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1 June, 2015
In: The Antarctic Regional GPS Network Densification: Status and Results, Springer,
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