Thaumelodone and other deep water octopodids from the Southern Ocean

Recent trawling in the Southern Ocean has yielded an unusual and relatively large collection of deep-sea octopods, comprising four species in two genera. Several deep-sea genera, which are inadequately characterised, have been reported previously from the Southern Ocean. Within this paper, all the relevant historical type material has been examined and a full revision has been undertaken. Species previously considered to be representative of the genus Bentheledone have either been moved to Thaumeledone or are considered nomen dubium. A revised diagnosis of Thaumeledone is provided together with redescriptions of its Southern Ocean species as well as a description of a new species. A new genus has been erected to accommodate the remainder of the new specimens.


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Authors: Allcock, A.L., Collins, M.A. ORCIDORCID record for M.A. Collins, Piatkowski, U., Vecchione, M., Hochberg, F.G.

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1 July, 2004
Deep-Sea Research Part II / 51
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