Temperature variability over the past three centuries in the coastal region of Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica, reconstructed from ice core stable isotope records

High-resolution stable isotope records obtained from Antarctic ice cores can be used as proxies to investigate past climatic changes in Antarctica, overcoming the spatiotemporal limitations of observational and instrumental records. Here, we used a new high-resolution ice core stable isotope record (1709–2001 AD) obtained from the Lambert Glacier Basin 69 (LGB69) site and a published stable isotope record (1757–1987 AD) from coastal Princess Elizabeth Land (PEL) to reconstruct temperature variability in the coastal region of PEL over the past three centuries. The dominant moisture source region for coastal PEL is mid-high latitudes of the South Indian Ocean (SIO) and this has remained stable over the past three centuries. Owing to non-climatic noise, no statistically significant isotope‒temperature relationship can be evidenced at annual-to-decadal scales. However, the ice core δD records do enable us to reconstruct multi-decadal temperature variability in the coastal region of PEL. The temperature reconstructions showed a consistent warming trend during the 20th century, whereas the cold periods prior to the 20th century may be related to the Little Ice Age (LIA). Our reconstructions exhibit high reliability, evidenced by their agreement with previous reconstructions from PEL. We also found that annual temperature variability is related to the Southern Annular Mode (SAM), whereas multi-decadal temperature variability is related to the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). However, the relationship between the SAM and temperature is unclear before the 1970s. The results of this study are helpful in understanding long-term temperature changes in Antarctica and provide an important reference for the attribution of temperature changes.


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Authors: Huang, Weilong, Qian, Zuoqin, Yan, Ming, Mulvaney, Robert ORCIDORCID record for Robert Mulvaney, Liu, Leibao, Dai, Haixia, An, Chunlei, Xiao, Cunde, Zhang, Yujia

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10 October, 2023
Quaternary International / 670
13pp / 32-44
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