Survey of Saturn Z-mode Emission

Because of the role of Z-mode emission in the diffusive scattering and resonant acceleration of electrons, we conduct a survey of intensity in the Saturn inner magnetosphere. Z-mode is primarily observed as “5 kHz” narrowband emission in the lower density regions where the ratio of cyclotron to plasma frequency, fc/fp > 1 to which we limit this study. This occurs at Saturn along the inner edge of the Enceladus torus near the equator and at higher latitudes. We present profiles and parametric fits of intensity as a function of frequency, radius, latitude, and local time. The magnetic field intensity levels are lower than chorus, but the electric field intensities are comparable. We conclude that Z-mode wave-particle interactions may make a significant contribution to electron acceleration in the inner magnetosphere of Saturn, supplementing acceleration produced by chorus emission.


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Authors: Menietti, J. D., Averkamp, T. F., Ye, Sheng-Yi, Horne, R. B. ORCIDORCID record for R. B. Horne, Woodfield, E. E. ORCIDORCID record for E. E. Woodfield, Shprits, Y. Y., Gurnett, D. A., Persoon, A. M., Wahlund, J. E.

On this site: Emma Woodfield, Richard Horne
1 August, 2015
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics / 120
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