Studies of substorm on March 12, 1991: 2. Auroral electrons. Acceleration, injection, and dynamics

In the first part of this study of the substorm of March 12, 1991, the space-time structure of substrorm disturbance and dynamics of auroral ions were considered. This second part presents an analysis of measurements of auroral electrons onboard the CRRES satellite. It is demonstrated that enhancements of the electron flux (injections) during large-scale and local dipolarizations of the magnetic field are determined by a combination of field-aligned, induction, and betatron mechanisms of acceleration with an effect of displacement of the drift shells of particles. The relative contributions of these mechanisms in relation to the energy of auroral electrons are determined.


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Authors: Lazutin, L.L., Kozelova, T.V., Meredith, N.P. ORCIDORCID record for N.P. Meredith, Danielides, M., Kozelov, B.V., Jussila, J., Korth, A.

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1 January, 2007
Cosmic Research / 45
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