Statistical characteristics of the spatial distribution of Pc3-4 geomagnetic pulsations at high latitudes in the Antarctic regions

The diumal variations in the parameters of Pc3 (20–60 mHz) and Pc4 (10–19 mHz) pulsations at latitudes of the dayside cusp and polar cap have been studied using data of the magnetic stations of the trans-Antarctic meridional profile for the time interval from January to March 1997 (local summer) under weakly disturbed geomagnetic conditions (AE ≤ 250 nT). The technique for estimating pulsation parameters is based on the separation of the wave packets and noise. The diumal variations in the hourly average parameters of the wave packets in the Pc3 and Pc4 bands and noise in the Pc3-4 band (10–60 mHz)—the average number of wave packets, energy of wave packets and noise, and energy of a single wave packet—turned out to be different for the stations located deep in the polar cap (Φ ∼ 87°) and at the latitudes of the dayside polar cusp (Φ ∼ 70°) and auroral oval (Φ ∼ 66°). Several sources of pulsations caused by different channels of wave energy penetration into the magnetosphere through the dayside cusp, dayside magnetopause, and dawn flank of the magnetotail apparently exist at high latitudes.


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Authors: Chugunova, O., Pilipenko, V.A., Engebretson, M.J., Rodger, A.S.

1 January, 2006
Geomagnetism and Aeronomy / 46
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