Small-scale convection at the interface between stratified layers of mafic and silicic magma, Campbell Ridges, NW Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula: Syn-magmatic way-up criteria

Experimental data suggest that some igneous mafic inclusions are formed at the interface between underlying mafic magma and more silicic magma in a reservoir by a process of gas exsolution and vesiculation. We report cm-scale plume-like structures exposed over several m2 at a candidate interface in a large composite pluton from NW Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula and suggest that, as well as representing ‘frozen’ mafic inclusion formation, plume-like structures of this type can be used as way-up criteria and may be of particular value in the interpretation of palaeomagnetic data.


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Authors: Vaughan, A.P.M., Thistlewood, L., Millar, I.L.

1 January, 1995
Journal of Structural Geology / 17
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