Short Note: On the age and relation between metamorphic gneisses and the Trinity Peninsula Group, Bowman Coast, Graham Land, Antarctica

The Trinity Peninsula Group (TPG) of northern Graham Land, a weakly metamorphosed thick sequence of predominantly quartz- and feldspar-rich greywacke, has tentatively been correlated with metasedimentary rocks exposed along the Bowman Coast of Graham Land (Stubbs 1968). The base of the TPG is not observed but the Bowman Coast rocks, here newly defined as the Bowman Coast Succession (BCS), is proximal to high-grade gneisses, which may represent the local basement. Recent geological mapping along the Bowman Coast has allowed a revision of the local geology (Fig. 1) and this note focuses on the relationship of the BCS with the adjacent gneisses.


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Authors: Flowerdew, Michael J.

1 January, 2008
Antarctic Science / 20
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