Sequence stratigraphic analysis of the CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Vertical facies associations within the CRP- 1 drillcorc reveal a strong cyclicity and facilitate the development of a sequence stratigraphic framework. The sedimentary record appears to be punctuated by a series of erosional sequence boundaries which are here inferred to be the product of cycles of glacial advance and retreat. This is further supported by the absence of thick (preglacial) progradational sequences within the drill core. Eight Miocene and at least two Quaternary sequences are identified on the basis of facies and textural association. The core is dominated by transgressive (local glacial retreat) and high stand (local glacial minimum) deposits, with regressive (local glacial advance) and lowstand (local glacial maximum) events being under represented.


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Authors: Fielding, C.R., Woolfe, K.J., Howe, J.A., Lavelle, M.

1 January, 1998
Terra Antartica / 5