Seals map bathymetry of the Antarctic continental shelf

We demonstrate the first use of marine mammal dive-depth data to improve maps of bathymetry in poorly sampled regions of the continental shelf. A group of 57 instrumented elephant seals made on the order of 2 x 10(5) dives over and near the continental shelf on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula during five seasons, 2005-2009. Maximum dive depth exceeded 2000 m. For dives made near existing ship tracks with measured water depths H<700 m, similar to 30% of dive depths were to the seabed, consistent with expected benthic foraging behavior. By identifying the deepest of multiple dives within small areas as a dive to the seabed, we have developed a map of seal-derived bathymetry. Our map fills in several regions for which trackline data are sparse, significantly improving delineation of troughs crossing the continental shelf of the southern Bellingshausen Sea.


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Authors: Padman, Laurie, Costa, Daniel P., Bolmer, S.Thompson, Goebel, Michael E., Huckstadt, Luis A., Jenkins, Adrian ORCIDORCID record for Adrian Jenkins, McDonald, Birgitte I., Shoosmith, Deborah R.

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1 January, 2010
Geophysical Research Letters / 37
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