Science in Antarctica – a matter of quality

Antarctic research has progressed steadily from the era of reconnaissance studies into a period of problem-oriented scientific investigation. The International Geophysical Year and the intensive work of the 1960s and 1970s have established fundamental knowledge of Antarctic environmental systems on which present and future activities can be planned. Antarctic scientists of all nationalities are now eager to accept and exploit the challenges presented by global change programmes. At its XXth meeting in Hobart in September 1988, SCAR proposed an Antarctic component for inclusion in the ICSU International Geosphere–Biosphere Programme. Antarctic science thus considers itself sufficiently mature to be able to contribute effectively to programmes of world scope. Indeed, involvement in such activities may be seen as mandatory in order to continue to underscore the credibility and mainstream relevance of Antarctic scientific endeavours.


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Authors: Drewry, D.J.

1 March, 1989
Antarctic Science / 1
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