RRS James Clark Ross Cruise 139, 05 Dec-12 Dec 2005. Drake Passage Repeat Hydrography: WOCE Southern Repeat Section 1b – Burdwood Bank to Elephant Island

This report describes the eleventh occupation of the Drake Passage section, established during the World Ocean Circulation Experiment as repeat section SR1b. It was first occupied by Southampton Oceanography Centre in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey in 1993, and has been re-occupied most years. Thirty full depth stations were completed. The CTD was a Sea-Bird 911plus with dual temperature and conductivity sensors, an altimeter, an oxygen sensor, a transmissometer and a fluorometer. In addition, a SBE35 temperature sensor and a downward looking RDI Workhorse WH300 ADCP (WH) unit were attached to the CTD frame. On each station, the SBE35 collected data when the water sample bottles were fired and a LADCP profile was logged. The underway measurements included navigation, VM-ADCP, sea surface temperature and salinity, water depth and meteorological parameters.


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Authors: Stansfield, K., Meredith, M. ORCIDORCID record for M. Meredith

Editors: Rayner, D. ORCIDORCID record for D. Rayner

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1 January, 2008
National Oceanography Centre Southampton Cruise Report 24