Response of the inner and outer magnetosphere to solar wind density fluctuations during the recovery phase of a moderate magnetic storm

We examine the geomagnetic field and space plasma disturbances developing simultaneously in the solar wind, in the inner and outer magnetosphere, and on the ground from 0730 to 2030 UT on April 11, 1997 during the recovery phase of a moderate magnetic storm. The fluctuations of the solar wind density, H-component of the geomagnetic field, and power of Pcl-2 (0.1-5 Hz) waves at middle and low latitudes evolve nearly simultaneously. These fluctuations also match very well with variations of density and flux of the magnetospheric plasma at the geosynchronous orbit, and of the geomagnetic field at the geosynchronous orbit and northern polar cap. The time delay between the occurrence of disturbances in different magnetosphere regions matches the time of fast mode propagation. These disturbances are accompanied by the generation of Pcl-2 waves at mid- and high-latitude observatories in nearly the same frequency range. A scenario of the evolution of wave phenomena in different magnetospheric domains is proposed.


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Authors: Zolotukhina, N., Pilipenko, V., Engebretson, M.J., Rodger, A.S.

1 January, 2007
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics / 69
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