Report from the Expert Panel (EP) on the evaluation of the ARK VRZ commitment during the 2019/20 fishing season

This is an update on the operation of and compliance with the ARK commitment during its second year of operation. The evaluation was completed by an expanded EP compared to 2019 (Appendix 1) and based on communication through video conferences and e-mails. The EP had access to fishery data up to the end of July 2020 and based its evaluation on this information combined with CCAMLR reports and recent publications related to the Antarctic ecosystem.


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Authors: Godø, O.R., Hill, S. ORCIDORCID record for S. Hill, Ichii, T., Humphries, G., Werner, R., Rindorf, A., Friedlander, A.S., Arata, J.A.

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1 January, 2020