Reference observations for validating and tuning operating models for krill fishery management in Area 48

In 2007 WG-SAM defined a set of reference observations for validating and tuning proposed models to evaluate krill catch allocation options for Area 48 (the SAM calendar). The observations, which were endorsed by WG-EMM, were largely qualitative and relative. We used available data to translate these observations into numerical terms (the numerical calendar). We provide spatially-resolved reference points for the density of krill, and the abundance of “generic” seals, penguins and whales in 1970, 2007 and at least one intermediate year. Recent work on baleen whales indicates a higher growth rate than that suggested by WG-SAM, so the numerical calendar for this taxon deviates from the SAM calendar. The numerical calendar is a partly subjective interpretation of limited data and should not be considered a definitive description of the relevant dynamics. This exercise resulted in population sizes for several taxa that are adjusted for asynchronous observations and are potentially more suitable for initialising models than those published in Hill et al (2007).


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2 April, 2012
CCAMLR Working Group Paper WG-EMM-8/10